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Rebirth of Tech Northern Ireland Advocates:

Get ready for the rebirth of Tech Northern Ireland Advocates, spearheaded by Mary McKenna and Clare McGee of AwakenHub. Their passion for propelling Irish Tech, Innovation & Investment knows no bounds, and they’re ready to rally a vibrant local and global community.

Be part of the excitement at Ulster Bank’s Belfast headquarters on March 25th at 6pm. Expect a dynamic gathering of founders, funders, investors, government officials, researchers, corporates, and innovation pioneers.

This event isn’t just drawing a crowd from across the country—it’s attracting attention from the Global Tech Advocates community, with influential figures like Russ Shaw and XXXX  in attendance.

Mary and Clare are on a mission to assemble a team of regional leads and Tech Ambassadors from every ditch in the road across NI, fostering collaboration and showcasing Northern Ireland’s tech talent.

Tech NI Advocates isn’t just about local impact; it’s about creating pathways for international growth and scaling opportunities for founders and operators.

Join us on March 25th to be part of something big. Register your interest on our website or reach out directly. Let’s put Northern Ireland forefront in the global tech world!”