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Global Tech Advocates announces the Investor Showcase 3.0: The Tech for Net Zero Edition

Global Tech Advocates and Tech London Advocates is bringing back the Investor Showcase in June 2021.

Global Tech Advocates and Tech London Advocates is bringing back the Investor Showcase in June 2021.

Both previous iterations of the Investor Showcase were held at critical moments for the UK – when Article 50 was triggered and when it was finally confirmed that the we would leave the EU.

This version of the Investor Showcase – delivered in partnership with Here East and Future Energy Ventures – addresses the single biggest challenge facing our generation – climate change. This will be the Tech for Net Zero Edition and will bring together leading investors from across Europe to explore the growth opportunity for tech startups driving innovation designed to combat climate change.

Unlike previous iterations of the Investor Showcase, this will be a pan-European event that examines the role technology startups and scaleups can play in creating a net zero future, and the significant investment opportunities that will fuel the growth of green tech, clean tech, sustainability and circular economy innovations.

Global Tech Advocates will be shortly announcing the full agenda, but we have identified three core themes around which the conversation will revolve – understanding the opportunities for growth capital in sustainable tech; using technology to increase measurement and impact and sharing best practice about engagement with corporates and Government to drive growth.

The Investor Showcase 3.0 will be the first milestone in the Global Tech Advocates Tech for Net Zero campaign.

In a year when COP26 will be hosted in Glasgow and politicians are increasingly engaging with the issue of climate change, the Tech for Net Zero campaign is an attempt for Global Tech Advocates to mobilise its international community of tech leaders to make a meaningful contribution to the debate.

The question we asked ourselves was how could an international grassroots community of tech startups, leaders and investors make an impact around a socio-political challenge that is dominating the minds of Governments and corporates around the world?

The Tech for Net Zero campaign is designed to encourage tech startups to minimise their environmental impact and to accelerate the growth of the technologies that will make a difference.

Rising to the challenge of climate change requires behavioural change. The best way of inspiring behavioural change is through measurement – understanding the impact of our actions, and then quantifying the improvement once we make changes.

The good news is that behavioural change and measurement are two things which technology has an outstanding track record delivering. The information age has inspired far-reaching and rapid behavioural change and it has created an explosion of data and tracking capability.

The task now is to take the lessons from the last 20 years and apply them to climate change. How can technology enable us to track and analyse data about environmental impact and how can it find solutions that are efficient, fast and affordable?

Technology can be the great enabler that allows us to make a net zero carbon footprint a reality.

To address climate change, the world doesn’t need to invent new technologies or digital solutions. The technology we need already largely exists. We need to get better at applying existing technologies in ways that will make a difference and help startups secure the funding they need to scale.

Global Tech Advocates intends to mobilise an international community of tech experts, investors and leaders to deliver this campaign and inspire real change in tech hubs around the world. And the Investor Showcase 3.0 will be the culmination of this campaign.

The hybrid event will be an opportunity to hear from the investors and entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of the tech-enabled fight back against climate change. Attendees will hear from tech leaders who have implemented technologies at some of the world’s largest companies to drastically reduce their environmental impact as they share their knowledge with the startup community and the event will spotlight the emerging startups across Europe set to become the next generation of unicorns with their climate tech innovations.

Register now to understand how the European tech startup community is pioneering the private sector, technology-led response to climate change.