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Global Tech Advocates launches Tech Advocates Australia at National Tech Festival

Tech Australia Advocates officially relaunched in March 2024, becoming the first Global Tech Advocates network in the Oceania region.

TAA will be led by Dickie Currer and Claire Bull, who both share a deep passion for elevating the Australian Tech & Innovation ecosystem and both understand the importance of building a strong local and international community.

Claire has worked extensively with tech businesses from Singapore, Korea, UK, US and UAE helping them expand into new international markets and will be bringing this experience into her role at TAA.

Dickie has been instrumental in connecting the country’s fragmented regional ecosystems and is a huge advocate for internationalising Australia’s Innovation economy, so that it can compete with the global market leaders.

The launch took place at Southstart, Australia’s Festival of Innovation, Imagination and Impact, set in the idyllic South Australian countryside. The festival brings together a broad cross section of the ecosystem including founders, funders, government, research, corporates and innovation enablers.

The event garnished an audience from around the country and with key stakeholders from the Australian ecosystem in attendance, making it the perfect place to announce the inception of TAA. With GTA/TLA lead Russ Shaw and APAC/Singapore Lead Leslie Sharma also making it over to Adelaide to be a part of the proceedings.

Dickie and Claire are currently busy recruiting a team of regional leads which will help to bring together Australia’s state based ecosystems, which can often be disconnected due to the geography of the country.

Being a National voice in the ecosystem will be a key focus for TAA. As will be building connections outside of the country, so that Founders and Operators have pathways to scale and grow internationally.

If you would like to join us in our mission, then please jump on the website or reach out to us directly to become an Advocate!

Dickie Currer & Claire Bull