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Fostering diversity and collaboration: Tech Canada Advocates forms a strategic alliance with the Federation of Francophone Businesspeople of Ontario

KC Goundiam is the founder of Tech Canada Advocates (TCA) and a tech entrepreneur based in Toronto. She is a francophone and maintains strong ties with the French-speaking business world.

As the lead for Tech Canada Advocates (TCA), I am thrilled to witness the remarkable transformation of Canada’s tech scene in recent years. Today, I am delighted to announce a significant milestone in promoting diversity, collaboration and growth within the industry. TCA, the Canadian branch of the Global Tech Advocates (GTA) network, has formed a strategic alliance with the Federation of Francophone Businesspeople of Ontario (FGA). This partnership not only celebrates Canada’s unique bilingualism but also paves the way for an inclusive and thriving tech sector.

Empowering Francophone entrepreneurs

The success of the first Franco-Ontarian Business Forum organized by the FGA in Ottawa in April of this year was truly inspiring. It brought together entrepreneurs, leaders, researchers and representatives from various organizations and businesses across the province. The potential and innovation of Francophone entrepreneurs in the technology sector was on full display. Building upon this success, our partnership with the FGA allows us to support Francophone technology companies in Ontario and beyond.

Through this strategic alliance, FGA members can now join TCA at no cost and can benefit from our extensive resources and expertise. We offer investment opportunities, mentoring programs, market development support and international expansion guidance. Together with FGA, we aim to empower Francophone entrepreneurs and nurture their growth in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Acknowledging Canada’s bilingualism

Canada’s embrace of both English and French as official languages is a testament to its unique bilingualism, and it is essential to acknowledge and support the contributions of both language communities in the tech sector. By joining forces, FGA and TCA are championing a more inclusive tech ecosystem that celebrates the strengths of both communities. This alliance sets an example for other sectors to recognize and embrace Canada’s language diversity.

Amplifying impact through global connections

Our affiliation with the Global Tech Advocates network further amplifies the impact of this partnership. With its central hub in London, the network connects tech leaders, experts and investors from around the world. This provides unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, market access and knowledge-sharing. Being part of this network means that Francophone technology firms supported by the FGA–TCA alliance will have access to a vast pool of international markets and invaluable connections. This global reach will accelerate the growth and success of Francophone entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

Looking towards the future

I am excited about the upcoming events and initiatives that will strengthen the bonds forged between FGA and TCA. These gatherings will foster collaboration, the exchange of ideas, and networking within the tech community, fueling innovation and propelling Canada’s tech scene forward. Together, we can unlock the full potential of Canada’s tech sector by embracing this opportunity and collaborating to shape its future.

Canada’s transformation as a global tech leader

For years, Canada struggled to keep up with its global competitors. However, recent developments have placed the country in a position of leadership in the industry. The injection of billions of dollars in capital, the expansion of multinational companies, and the adoption of made-in-Canada tech have all played significant roles in this turnaround.

A clear indicator of this progress is the record-breaking amount of venture capital raised by Canadian firms in recent years. In 2021 alone, companies in Canada raised a staggering $13.6 billion in venture capital, with the tech industry accounting for 88% of that total. This increased support for scale-ups and startups showcases investors’ growing confidence in Canada’s tech ecosystem. Canada has also witnessed a surge in initial public offerings (IPOs), with companies raising $10.2 billion in 2021.

The strategic alliance between FGA and TCA represents a commitment to fostering diversity, empowering entrepreneurs, and shaping the future of the Canadian tech landscape. By embracing this opportunity and collaborating, we can unlock the full potential of Canada’s tech scene and continue to drive innovation and prosperity in the industry. Together, let us celebrate bilingualism, promote inclusivity and take Canada’s tech sector to new heights.